1. 11/15/2017
    India Dental Trip and Tour
    Guided and catered dental tours to Goa India based on your personal preferences and requirements. This trip is for those whom are need of many and multiple dental implants , crowns, bridges, lock in dentures or other major dental work. For those that fit the bill, but don't want to pay the full bill can plan on saving most of your dental expenses for yourself. I offer either one-on-one tours and small groups of no more than 4 people at a time.
  2. Check for Dates
    Speaker Available for Groups Interested in Dental Tourism in India.
    Do you have a group that would benefit from a speaker or presentation on the ins and outs of Dental Implant tourism in India. For those interested on the West Coast please contact my self at for details
  3. 7/20/17 @ 10 PM PST
    Free India Dental Tourism Class On-Line is offering a free online class to help assist any Self-Guided travelers in thier planning stages of India Dental Tourism, cultural aspects, best locations, destinations and entertainment. Find out what to expect and how to deal with common situations that are sure to occur. No worries, India as with anywhere, having the inside scoop, know-how and most of all local contacts is what always makes any trip special and exciting while getting pain free top quality dental care at a fraction of U.S. cost. For thoses who are suffering and really need work costing over $25k, then save your dollars and enjoy a real vacation and still keep up to 80% savings for you and your family. Check in on updates as training date nears. Thanks, James Wycoff aka Indiajim
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